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Autumn Ward promotional video for Travel Steps DVD, featuring Belly Dub in the Fusion section.

Mizmars on Mars, Wall of Doum, and Gaza Dub/Triple Rhythm performed by Saucy Nancy for Belly Dance United's theatrical productions in Kansas City.

Chiftidelic duet performed by Red Moon Dance Co for Cursed show in CA.

Ariellah performs Chiftidelic in Argentina.

Tobosa School of Eskrima stickfighting in Hawaii set to Tower of Strength.

Heather of Shambling Shimmies performs Chiftidelic for Satchels Shakedown in Florida.

Ariellah performs Chiftidelic in Belgium.

Nilaya performs Chiftidelic at Arabesque Nights in London, England.

Ariellah dancing to Chiftidelic at the Dark Room in Los Angeles, CA.

Exotic Rhythms Belly dance perform Mantis in St. Louis, MO.

Saucy Nancy performs Mizmars on Mars, Saladin, Chiftidelic, and Mizmars again in Columbia and St. Louis, MO.

Ami Amore and Saucy Nancy perform Digital Dervish as a duet in St. Louis, MO.

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